Unit 1 vs Unit 3

<p>Housing application is due today and I'm an incoming sophomore. I've lived in all 3 Units (Unit 1 via ROHP, Unit 2 in the summer, Unit 3 for 1st year), and I still can't decide which I prefer. CKC and Foothill are easily out for multiple reasons and Unit 2 is just like Unit 1 but a bit further from campus.
I tried to make a pro's and con's list for Unit 1 and Unit 3 and I seem to have reached an impasse:
Unit 1
Closer to Evans (all my classes next year are in Evans)
Laundry every other floor
Newer, more aesthetically pleasing rooms
Rocking Chairs</p>

Cement/Jail-like Ceilings</p>

<p>Unit 3
closer to RSF
closer to GBC
Bear Market/Cafe 3</p>

<p>Laundry very far away
weird mirror-closet
average chairs
lame wooden furniture/very old</p>

<p>I think I'm siding with Unit 1, but it's so much further from RSF which I would go to 3 times a week at Unit 1 (other days would be down at the basement). And Unit 1 isn't that closer to Evans. And I would definitely miss going to GBC/Bear Market so often to stock up on healthy food.</p>

<p>Before I came to berk it was general consensus that units 1 and 2 were better...but now that I have lived here, I think that unit 3 is MUCH more convenient. Many of my friends think so too.
This is mainly because Unit 3 is close to most classes, restaurants, RSF and that it has Cafe 3(much better than crossroads) and bear market. If you don't care about those then I guess unit 1 is better.</p>

<p>Unit 1 for sure. </p>

<p>All of your classes are in evans? that's awesome</p>

Before I came to berk it was general consensus that units 1 and 2 were better...but now that I have lived here, I think that unit 3 is MUCH more convenient. Many of my friends think so too.
This is mainly because Unit 3 is close to most classes, restaurants, RSF and that it has Cafe 3(much better than crossroads) and bear market. If you don't care about those then I guess unit 1 is better.


Unit 1 is closer for me to my classes since I'm only taking math upper divs and graduate courses next year. </p>

<p>As for restaurants, they're pretty much the same distance apart. Only difference is that Unit 3 is closer to Sather Lane food while Unit 1 is a little closer to La Burrita/etc. This difference is almost negligible though. </p>

<p>I have to agree with RSF, but then again, I go to Evans at least once a day whereas I only go to RSF 3 times a week. However, the gap distance to RSF is much greater than the gap distance to Evans. Also, I usually go to RSF at night when it's extremely cold.</p>

<p>Cafe 3 and Crossroads are practically the same to me although Cafe 3 seems to have healthier food options in my opinion. In my opinion, Unit 3 is the healthier choice since I wouldn't be as lazy to go to RSF, and I could stock up on milk/cereal/fruits and etc. in Bear Market/GBC. I could imagine myself starting to get a little fat living in Unit 1 since I might be too lazy to go to Bear Market/GBC/RSF as often.</p>

<p>Unit 1 is cleaner/sunnier/prettier (but less so than Clark Kerr, obviously), though it's a bit further from central campus. Unit 3 is in a very convenient location.</p>

<p>Have you considered an apartment? They're much cheaper, and if you spend even half as much on an apartment as you do on a Triple, chances are, you'll be much more comfortable.</p>

<p>I'd rather live in an apartment than in dorms again. I'm just applying to the dorms since my application fee is waived and as insurance in case I don't find a good enough apartment (I'm very specific about it).</p>

<p>It basically goes down to aesthetics + convenient laundry (U1) versus location (U3).</p>

<p>I think I'm going to have to disagree with some of the items on your pro/con list.</p>

<p>First of all, I think that the rooms in Unit 3 are much nicer than the rooms in Unit 1 (I'm ignoring the new suite buildings like Slottman). Even though Unit 3 looks older on the outside, I've always found it much nicer on the inside than Units 1 and 2. I hate those fugly nautical lights in U1 and U2, and the exposed ceilings are weird. I also dislike how the doors don't stay open.</p>

<p>Also, Unit 3 has some rocking chairs.</p>

<p>Also, laundry is not "very far away" in Unit 3. It's in the central building. Granted, this is more inconvenient than in Units 1 and 2, but it really is not all that bad.</p>

<p>I don't find the furniture in Unit 3 any older than the furniture in Units 1 and 2.</p>

<p>Also, something I'm surprised people don't mention more often, the bathrooms in Unit 3 are SO MUCH NICER than the bathrooms in Units 1 and 2. I always feel like I'm in a prison at Units 1 and 2. The showers are so nice in Unit 3, and the U-shaped bathroom setup (showers/stalls separate from sinks) makes everything very spacious and well-organized.</p>

<p>Considering location (Sather Lane makes walking to campus a 30-second ordeal), food options (Telegraph, Bear Market, Cafe 3), and a more social and fun community (I feel like U3 is pretty close-knit since it's the "unique" unit), I think Unit 3 is hard to beat.</p>

<p>As you can see I'm a big Unit 3 fanboy, but I just kind of get annoyed when people automatically assume it's "older" than Units 1 and 2, when in reality it's newer - it just hasn't gotten an exterior facelift like the other units. On the inside, it's much nicer IMO.</p>

<p>From experience, apartments generally tend to be insurance for the dorms. You typically don't submit your application until three weeks before move in, and sometimes, you can even move in immediately after a rent check.</p>

<p>However, if I was in your situation, here's what I'd do:</p>

<p>Unit 1 Minisuite -- the walk to Evans is approximately the same between Unit 1 and Unit 3 because of obstacles near the east side of campus. However, the newer buildings of Unit 1 are much nicer.</p>


I may have used the wrong adjective in saying Unit 3's rooms/furniture are "older" than Unit 1/Unit 2's, but they certainly in my opinion look worse (which I believe is the general consensus). I remember the first day I moved into Unit 3, I was shocked at how everything has such a wooden/cabin-esque and weird-looking feel to it compared to Unit 2 which I lived in a week before.</p>

<p>The laundry location is much more inconvenient than Unit 1/2, especially if you usually have to carry a large load of laundry. It almost makes me do my laundry less often because I'm too lazy to trek the distance.</p>

<p>I agree on the bathrooms though. Unit 3's bathrooms are much nicer than Unit 1/2's. However, I also forgot to mention that Unit 1/2 have drinking fountains on their floors, something I really missed living at Unit 3 (being forced to get a purifier).</p>

<p>Location to GBC/Cafe 3/RSF is the biggest pro to U3 for me at least. The doors closing in Unit 1/2 was always weird to me too, but I always just hold it down with a bent fork.</p>

<p>And you guys are right. The walk to Evans from Unit 1/3 is pretty much the same. I timed a casual walk for both (because I'm that lame) and they're both about 8 minutes.</p>

<p>I think I have to agree with excelblue: Unit 1 Minisuite would be the best choice. Unit 1 would also be a newer experience than living in Unit 3 for 2 consecutive years (although I know people who've done it, including my roommate this year).</p>

<p>Oooh yeah, I did forget about the drinking fountains. It's especially nice if you have the corner rooms right by fountains.</p>

<p>Unit 1 minisuites are super nice. The only complaint I've ever heard regarding them is that they sort of promote a "quiet" floor, but honestly that's a good thing once you're...well...not a freshman.</p>

<p>I don't like the collective shower drains in Unit 3 bathrooms. I remember that from CalSO. The thought of standing in someone's washed off soap, germs, etc is awfully gross. This is especially nasty when the main drain is clogged and you have to stand in a puddle of someone else's crap. The Unit 1 and 2 separate showers with separate drains are much nicer. No need to worry about getting my feet soaked with another person's washed off shampoo or worst case, their peee!</p>

<p>^That is definitely true. However, I still hate how there's always hair on the ground, which is true for all public bathrooms...</p>



<p>You can run to RSF for your warm-up before you start doing weights or whatever there.</p>

<p>According to gmap-pedometer.com , the distances are:</p>

<p>Unit 1 to RSF: 0.56 mile
Unit 3 to RSF: 0.25 mile</p>

<p>Unit 1 to Evans: 0.54 mile
Unit 3 to Evans: 0.62 mile</p>

<p>I don't care about the collective drains in Unit 3. I wear shower shoes so it becomes a non-issue - I think most people wear shower shoes. I've never had a problem with the drains. The bathrooms are cleaned every day.</p>


Thank you for the numbers!</p>