Unit 2 Dorm necessities

<p>THis might be a dumb question haha, but do the dorm rooms come with trashcans? And how much space is in a triple?</p>

<p>Dorm rooms do come with trashcans. I'm not sure about the space of a triple but I heard that a triple is the same size as a double, so not a lot of space.</p>

<p>Most triples are located in the corners of each floor and so they're often alotted a bit more space. I've never measured out any of my friend's triples so I don't know by how much (or if it's even the same per triple).</p>

<p>Speaking of dorm necessities...how does the whole cleaning of bathrooms or emptying of trash cans work out? You take out your own trash and split the dorm cleaning with the floor, or...?</p>

<p>I believe the bathrooms are cleaned by the staff.</p>

<p>Affirmative, bathrooms are cleaned by the staff daily. You have your own garbage can-- you take the bag out and dump it into your floor disposal shoot once it's full. You clean your own room, the staff won't do it for you. You can borrow a vacuum cleaner at the your unit's main office...</p>

<p>That's all I figured out by living here for the Edge program.</p>

<p>Awesome, thanks :)</p>

<p>All rooms come with a trashcan, but I'd recommend bringing one of your own for convenience/recycling/vomit (seriously--might not even be your own). You are responsible for disposing of your own trash and recycling--either down an appropriate chute in Units 1-3 or in the trash room/dumpsters in Units 4 and 5.</p>

<p>There are two types of triples--standard and converted. Standard triples are generally larger rooms (in Units 1, 2, and 3--the corner rooms of high rises or simply larger rooms in the mini-suites), while converted triples are exactly what they sound like: double rooms converted into triples. In Units 4 and 5, triples may also be either standard (read: GIANT) or converted, but it's far less consistent than it is in Units 1-3.</p>

<p>Any bathroom used by more than 10 people is cleaned daily by custodial services. Bathrooms used by 8-10 people are generally cleaned every other day (in Foothill, at least), and those shared by a suite (usually 4-5 people) are typically cleaned weekly. Weekend cleaning is less thorough than it is during the weekdays--custodians will usually take out the bathroom trash and maybe wipe things down.</p>

<p>Vacuums may be checked out from your Unit's front desk/office during business hours or from the security monitor booth at night. (You might want to consider bringing your own, however, if you're rather particular about clean carpets.)</p>