Unit cap cal state to cc to uc

My first year was at cal state and I have been at cc for one year. I know that if I have units from a 4 year there is a unit cap for me. I was wondering what that unit cap is? I have 30 semester units at cal state and 47 semester units at cc.

If the units are all lower division courses, the unit cap is 70 semester units.
The 70-unit limit applies only to the number of units that will be counted toward graduation and does not apply to courses. The university will grant subject credit for course content needed to satisfy requirements for general education or major preparation, even if they do not count the units for all of your courses toward graduation.

If by unit cap you mean having too many units to be eligible to transfer, that won’t be a problem for you since all the units you earned at CSU were lower division

^^^ ditto

Ohh because I heard that if I have any units from a 4 year there is a unit cap for me and I cant go over a certain amount of units. I think it was 80 or 90 semester units. But that is only true if I have upper division units(I don’t have any upper division units btw)? Sorry, just want to be sure I interpreted that right.

@Gumbymom When you say the unit cap is 70 semester units, does that mean I cannot go over 70(with my csu units)?

You can have units from any college or university. The only time the ceiling comes into play is if they’re upper division (or from another UC, but that’s another story).

So you have no upper division. You will never hit the ceiling, and your transfer units will cap at 70. You’re fine.

I have no upper division so hypothetically I can take 100 units and still be okay? Even if I have 30 units from csu?

As long as all your units are lower division, then yes you can take accumulate as many units as you want.

Ohh that is a relief. Also, for the website for transfer by major, are the gpa ranges the actual ranges or averages?

even if you had 500 semester units, the most that a UC school would accept is 70 semester units (excluding any AP credits you might have). The remaining is not lost though, it is used as subject credits, helpful for prerequisites. It also means you have to take at least 50 units at the UC in order to graduate.

And I have a trig class that I know is not uc transferrable. Would it still be conidered in my gpa and unit count though?