Unit cap for 4 year and CC transfer to UCSD

<p>I recently learned about the 90 unit limit for people transfering to UCSD with a combination of 2 and 4 year college credit. I have 17 units from my four year and will have 75 units from my CC by the time I am able to transfer. I talked to a counselor at my CC who said that since UCSD will only take 70 units from from the CC there is no way I can go over the unit max since 70 CC units and 17 university units would give me a max of 87 units no matter how many units I take from my CC. I was wondering if this is actually how this policy works as my counselor seemed a little unsure about what she was telling me. </p>

<p>i had the same problem as you cause i took a few classes a CSUF during high school. honestly i would call UCSD directly and ask and be very specific. like basically just tell them your whole situation and see what they say because i had the same question as you and my counselor told me the same thing that you heard. BUT when i went to talk to a UCLA rep visiting my school, she told me that the rule we are referring to means that you add all your cc units and your University units together and it cannot go over the limit regardless of how many units you are actually transferring over to UC.</p>

<p>So yo guys are saying ALL 4 yr credits will be calculated within the overall credits by UC, no matter they are transferrable or not toward UC? 'Cause I have plenty of 4 yr credits in a foreign college but within totally different major as I currently have in my CC…</p>