Unit Cap

<p>What's the unit cap for UC transfers? I'm afraid that I will have close to 90 units before I transfer. They are all from California community colleges,tho. The reason why I have so many units is because I decided to change my major half way. So I'm taking a lot of units for the new major. Will they decline me because of the excessive units?</p>


<p>ccc students can have as many units as theyd like</p>

<p>Do I have less chance of getting in because of my age? Let's say I'm turning 30 when I transfer?</p>

<p>I'm an engineering major. I'm afraid they think that I have no potential to pursue science major for I'm a little too old than average. By the way, I'm a mother of a 2-year-old, as well. I have straight A's.</p>

<p>Thanks Redoplease. I was worried about that. Before I was told that I can take as many units as I wish, but I was never sure~ thanks for clearing that up.</p>

<p>Don't worry about it, they don't look at your age when you apply. I'm also an engineering major and throughout my math and science classes I've known older students who were just as motivated in transferring and their age didn't stop them at all from successfully doing so.</p>

<p>Kudos and congrats on the grades, juggling an engineering major complete with straight A's and raising a child is no easy feat. Much respect. Good luck :)</p>

<p>You'll be fine. Fair warning though, the only age discrimination I know of in the UC system is UCD won't let you live on campus if you're 24+. Kinda lame, but that's about it. :) Thankfully, I doubt that will be a problem since you have a kid and probably won't need on-campus housing in that case. :) </p>

<p>Good luck! With a 4.0 you could probably trot on over to UCB with no issues.</p>

<p>The UC system is awesome for older students and those with children. Davis and Irvine have student family housing on campus and Berkeley offers really nice places in Albany. Your age won't be a problem. Berkeley is REALLY awesome for students with children. They have counselors that can help you find the resources needed to balance school/childcare. All of the on campus family housing communities are friendly and family oriented. I know that Davis offers childcare subsidies but I think those are chosen on lottery (not sure) but the city and county also offer childcare subsidies (if it is needed). By the way. . . I couldn't find this same level at the CSUs I looked into (probably figure most students commute from home). No family housing on campus or anywhere else. As for the unit cap I don't think engineering students in many schools have one (I know Davis doesn't but I could be wrong). They only require that you "graduate in a relatively timely manner" or something like that. </p>

<p>Congratulations! You deserve it^^ I know for a fact that a two year old can be VERY difficult to handle on top of studying (they get into everything and run so fast :) )</p>

<p>Yes, I gotta say! A 4.0 EECS pre-requisite GPA AND raising a kid at the same time. </p>

<p>I fail <em>looks at his 3.27 for the same thing</em></p>

<p>And that C in chemistry is making my GPA look nasty.</p>