Units from AP tests

<p>Is there any way to not have the units from certain AP tests count towards your unit count? Because if they don't help your major, why have them? I'm kind of worried that I'll reach the unit limit for declaring before I'm ready...I want to do MEB btw...which says you can't declare it if you have more than 90. I'm at 56.6 after one year and I'm taking 6 units this summer. Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>the great thing about AP test unit credits is that they are not held against you for maximums, but help for minimums.</p>

<p>Thus, if you want to graduate, those units can be included to reach the minimum for your college - e.g. 120. They are used to evaluate when you become a soph, junior or senior. They are NOT used for cutoffs such as the 90 units you cited for MEB.</p>

<p>SWEET! Thanks for the info rider</p>