<p>How hard is 19 or 20 units. My counselor won't let me take that much units as a freshman.</p>

<p>That's a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many things (difficulty of your school, type of class, teachers...). I would think you want to stay away from taking more than two reading intensive or lab classes with a 20 credit load, because it does get to be time consuming.
I took 20 credits 2nd semester of my freshman year. I would suggest easing yourself into college and then considering adding classes; there is no need to overwork yourself. As a freshman, you have time (well, depending on when you want to transfer).</p>

<p>From what I've heard, the norm for course loads without doing much harm to GPA is usually 4 to 5 classes, which can vary in credit hours, depending on what system the school uses. If I were you, I would start off with a normal course load the first semester (especially if you're taking a lab science), and see if you can handle the work load. If you can handle it, you can always add more credit hours in the spring semester. It's usually harder to bring a GPA up than it is to raise it, anyway, and the school you'll transfer will still care about the GPA.</p>

<p>i took just 14 units my first quarter with one very difficult honors english course, one easy philosophy course and one drawing course.</p>

<p>i think taking it easy was the best decision i ever made. it gave me the time and peace of mind to explore options (i had no idea what my major was going to be at the time).</p>

<p>i've taken an average of 19 units ever quarter since then and i've noticed the load really depends on the classes. honors classes make the quarter much more difficult. online classes, too (surprisingly).</p>

<p>so my advice would be to take the advice of your counselor :)
edit: atleast for the first quarter</p>

<p>agree for sure w/ luba.</p>

<p>Most student need to make adjustment and transittion from HS to college, get used to a lot of things, which is dificult when u're taking 19-20 units.</p>

<p>If u have free time, volunteer, join clubs, get a job. etc</p>

<p>do you want to take that many units based on the fact that in High school you took 6 classes and that averages out to about 19-20 units?</p>

<p>I agree with everyone else, especially for the first semester, take 12-14 , see how you do. </p>

<p>I have taken 18, and i have taken 24, when i took 18 i had a 6 unit math class and when i took 24 i had 8 units of russian (which i speak).... so .........i always kept my "acutal" course load around 4 classes .
Since this is your first semester no matter how good you where in high school, there is an adjustment that has to take place. Colleges dont guide you as much as high school, to some its a shock , to others it doesnt matte.r just take your time. its better to take less units now and get a's then to overwhelm yourself and start out with bad grades.</p>