Univ of Alabama class of 25

Haven’t seen thread so I’ll start. D got accepted yesterday.
Test optional, free application in November
Probably a snowballs chance in hell she attends.

Roll Tide!!!

Hi! I applied and was accepted back in August.

I have a 4.0 and 1420 SAT, yet have not received notification of my automatic merit scholarship yet, despite emailing multiple times. Does anyone know when I can expect to receive that?

@CollegeBoundBrit I got accepted too but haven’t heard back on the automatic merit scholarships.

@stayininparis When were you accepted?

@CollegeBoundBrit two days ago

Daughter accepted in Chemical Engineering.

35 ACT
3.85 Unweighted GPA

My daughter received her initial acceptance via email/portal, and then about a week later receive a package in the mail with more info and scholarship info.

Congrats to all the acceptances. D applied early, accepted to Physics (33 ACT,4.0 u/w gpa) in September and received an automatic merit offer in November. She was accepted to the Honors program. Does anyone know how competitive it is to get housing in the Honors Dorm? Is it guaranteed?

@CollegeBoundBrit you should have heard something. Have you checked in with your regional recruiter? When my D was accepted back in September, she heard back pretty quickly on the automatic merit. Now we’re just waiting/hoping for some competitive.

Do you know when competitive merit is announced?

According to the UA website, it is a rolling process, finishing the first week of March, which I guess puts announcements mid-late March? I’ve heard rumors that some are already learning of their competitive awards this month.

We would love to know more about why your student chose UA for Chemical Engineering. DD has applied. Still waiting on her transcript to arrive. She has very similar stats. What other programs did your student also apply to? Interested in oil and gas or something else? Thanks! UA would be an adventure! A long way from home. Her parents are struggling :slight_smile:

DD applied in August and was accepted into Civil Engineering in Sept. 35 ACT, 4.0 Unweighted GPA. She did recieve automatic merit. ROLL TIDE!


Just got an email that scholarships are coming out tomorrow, I guess this is for those who applied test optional!