Univ. of Richmond to VCU chances

<p>I'm new to this forum and am just looking to gain some new insight or help. I currently attend the University of Richmond and wish to transfer to VCU. I am not happy with UofR, and money is also a factor. I have a 2.31 gpa right now, but to be competitive I know you need much higher. It took me a year and half to determine which major was meant for me (NOT looking to join the school of arts at VCU as I know this is top) and I believe I will be doing Anthropology. I want to transfer in the spring, and can definitely bring my gpa up this fall. What I am wondering is the chance of me getting in, or if there is anything like a letter of recommendation I could send to improve my chances (not required with application)? Also, could the rank of UofR help my chances? </p>

<p>And lastly, I know that if they base the decision on the grades I earn this fall the transcripts will not be sent to them until after the semester. This leaves me questioning what I would do if not accepted for spring but rather the next year. I will be a junior this year so time is running out. I am completely unhappy, but is it worth transferring? I have decent extracurriculars. Also, are there any schools that would accept me for the spring term regardless just in case? </p>

<p>Thanks, I appreciate any help.</p>

<p>Also, I might add that I have one or two D's. I have heard rumor that when you transfer colleges recalculate according to their standards. I am not very familiar with the transfer process. Richmond has a slightly different grading scale than some school I believe. Not sure if it would even make a difference on the gpa. Also, VCU states they need a 2.25 to be competitive and that they prefer a 2.5. Thanks.</p>