Univ. of SC Carolina Scholars

<p>I understand that some of the invitations for the Carolina Scholar interview weekend were delivered Saturday. Were they all sent out or are the being sent out in batches? One of my daughter's classmates received one Saturday. Did anyone else recieve an invite?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure they're all sent at once since it's only 40 (?). Last year we got ours on the Saturday after sent fedex overnight.</p>

<p>I believe scmom12 is correct that the Carolina Scholar Candidate invitations get sent out at once. Last year, there were 50 Carolina Scholar Candidates. However, it is possible that slightly more invitations were sent out. This is done with the McNair, the top scholarship for out-of-state students. Last year, there were 40 McNair Scholar Candidates. However, 41 invitations were sent out, because they assume that at least one will decline the invitation, and they want 40 participants. If more than one declines, then they start contacting the alternate list until they reach their quota of 40.</p>