univ. south carolina dorms

<p>how are the dorms at usc? i know most freshmen live in the towers but ive never actually been to them. also.. if you get into any honors programs is it better to live with them in capstone/maxcy or not? i heard its kind of like high school if you live there bc you are living with people in all your classes.</p>

<p>A good friend of mine goes there but I'm not sure the name of the building. I think it might be the towers but I'm not sure. She declined the honors program(but ended up being put in it anyway because of her GPA) so was in the normal dorms. Depending on the floor they can have really high ceilings which is nice. The closets were a nice size and they had a large window. I only stayed with her and only visited one other room... so I don't know how the others are or about the honors dorms.</p>

<p>i know in the towers taht each room has a balcony, did her room? if not i guess she was in maxcy- i have been there and the room i went in had high ceilings. how does your friend like it there?</p>

<p>No, then she must not be in the towers because I remember seeing those and having her comment about how the balconies aren't that great. It's not like they are open air... they have concrete eggcrate type obstructions so that you can't jump(or fall when you're drunk... not saying you would be but I'm sure some others are) and also you don't have as much natural light in your room because of those. </p>

<p>She likes it but does comment on how she sometimes wishes she went to a more personable school. She's doing premed so most of her classes have TONs of kids in them. </p>

<p>Also, one great thing about SC is that if you get ANY scholarship you gain instate status and pay about half in tuition. I see you're from VA so that could be a big help.</p>

<p>The towers aren't good at all. The balconies aren't open and there is one bathroom per floor. Maxcy is really cool. Preston Residential is like going to camp. Yuck.</p>

<p>im living in capstone next year.... i know they're nice dorms but im not excited about it being mostly upperclassmen- i wanted to live w/ more freshmen but i think with the capstone scholar program you HAVE to live in capstone</p>

<p>Are you a guy or a girl?
If you are a guy you better damn well be excited.
Upperclassmen girls dorm................</p>

<p>are you serious? im a girl. its an all girl dorm?! :(</p>

<p>Yep Capstone is all girls...</p>

<p>but it's listed as co-ed on the website and in the housing packet</p>

<p>It's coed only because of Capstone and Honors college students.</p>

<p>oh ok, do you know how many floors are honors and capstone? im thinking about doing the capstone scholars program but living in the towers just so i can be around more freshmen</p>

<p>For those in the capstone program... did you find this out when you got your initial acceptance? I am a little confused. I got this thing in the mail inviting me to attend this "scholars" even yet I don't believe I was ever invited to any scholars programs. Does it have something to do with financial aid/merit aid? </p>

<p>Any clue?</p>

<p>I got a letter inviting me to be a Capstone Scholar last.... wednesday I think. And then today I got the McKissick Scholarship and an invitation inviting me to the Scholars Day program. If you don't get any letter officially giving you a scholarship, it might have gotten lost in the mail so I'd call the admissions office or something and check up, because clearly if you're invited to scholars day then you are receiving a scholarship.</p>

<p>Just to clear something up, it is my understanding that if you are a Capstone Scholar, you must live in Capstone. I could be wrong, but I think its supposed to be a "community" thing.</p>

<p>hmmm... interesting LScho87.</p>

<p>I got all that stuff except for the letter acknowledging the Capstone Scholar thing. I may call to find out. Thanks!</p>

<p>I was told that the "Scholars Day" program was for all recipients of academic honors... ie capstone, honors, scholarships, mckissick, carolina, etc. </p>

<p>She told me that she was unable to verify my status on the capstone scholars program. I don't think I got that although I am surprised that I would get the McKissick award and not be a captone/honors/etc. Well, whatever, I'm supposed to call this other woman who can tell me about my status on capstone but I haven't been able to reach her.</p>

<p>i think capstone is above mckissick, bc i have a friend who is a mckissick but not capstone. and capstone is just a program, not a specific scholarship. so i bet you got the mckissick :)
and about the dorm thing, i called to see if as being a capstone scholar you are required to live in capstone. they said that it is not required but strongly encouraged. i just think i would rather live with more freshmen, plus capstone is so far awayyyyy. i guess i have a while to think about it. what do yall think?</p>

<p>Capstone is pretty far away from the main campus. Its right next to the Darla Moore School of Business which is a plus if you're a Business major. It's also closer to 5 Points and has big rooms, but its up to you.</p>