Universal ACT English Test Taking Strategy?

<p>Is there one? I thought it would be straight-forward, but I don't know how to do it! </p>

<p>I took my first practice test to get used to the questions, and I find the test really awkward. I read until I get to an underlined portion, answer the question (sometimes I find that I have to read ahead of the underlined thing, again its awkward). Then I go back to the passage, after being disconnected to it from answering the question, being slightly confused because I don't really know what's going bc I'm just trying to answer questions. </p>

<p>Are you supposed to read the passage first or something? Or read the paragraph first..</p>

<p>I don't normally read anything first. I skim until I get to an underlined portion (just to get an idea of what the passage is about), then I identify what grammar rule it's testing and answer the question. It's a good idea to have a vague knowledge of what's going on so that you can answer passage-based questions (order the sentences, author's perspective/point in doing this, etc.) but don't spend too much time concentrating on what's actually happening because you won't honestly need to know that to answer many of the questions. I suggest you go over the English section of the princeton review and take more practice tests so that you can get more comfortable with the format of the ACT</p>

<p>I went over PR's review of the english section it was good. I jsut need to do more practice to get used to it, since I'm used to doing SAT writing.</p>

<p>I say read if you're a good enough reader. Just go through as fast as you can. I read the passages, answer questions, and always have 15 minutes left over.</p>

<p>Just go as fast as you can comfortably. I answer them as I go, sort of listening in my head for the mistake as I read. Reading the passage first not only seems like a waste of time, but you also lose your ability to act on your initial impression of the segment you are evaluating (the "that doesn't sound/look right response). </p>

<p>Working through the piece by reading and answering one by one works best for me. I scored a 36 on the English section of the April ACT using this strategy. I would advise anyone who is new to the ACT to do a lot of English practice tests, as the ACT English format can seem kind of awkward and strange when you first start working with it if you are used to the SAT or other types of English questions.</p>

<p>With a little work you can find a strategy that works for you and do very well on the English section.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I read everything on the English section, but then again I'm pretty fast at that stuff as I finished 20 minutes early.</p>