Universities for design?

<p>Apart from art schools, what are the universities with the best design courses?</p>

<p>Except the ivy leagues.</p>

<p>I heard that drexel has a good graphic design program?</p>

<p>Depends on the area of design. University of Cincinnati, school of Design , Art, Architecture and Planning is widely considered one of the best for many fields of design and is less expensive than most private universities such as Drexel. Wash U has a good reputation for graphic design. Temple University merged with a stand alone art school that has some strong design offerings.</p>

<p>Is the University of Chicago,Urbana-Champaign any good?</p>

<p>Kent State seems pretty good. School</a> of Visual Communication Design :: Kent State University</p>

<p>If prestige of the institution itself matters, try for UCLA. UCLA</a> Design Media Arts</p>

<p>It really depends on what you want from the program. Do you want to be more experimental? Or do you want more practical skills?</p>

<p>Sorry for the old thread bump.
I guess prestige matters.</p>

<p>What would you say are prestigious universities with good graphic design programs?</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA is an excellent design school. I graduated from there a long time ago, but the school is still tops. The school is tops in comp sci, and there's amazing crossovers with both to take advantage of. Pittsburgh is a wonderful city with a lot for a student to take advantage of and explore.</p>