University Admissions

<p>hello, i want to apply to a UC, but i don’t know which one. i was thinking UCLA but i don’t knw about my chances of getting accepted. i have a GPA of 4, and a total of 1950 on SAT I…
What are my chances?
and what other UCs should i apply to ?</p>

<p>Are you in-state California? Intended major and EC’s? Calculate your UC GPA as follows;</p>

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<p>Your GPA is competitive but SAT low for UCLA. Need around a 2100+. That being said, here is how I would set-up your list for UC schools. Alot will depend upon major and EC’s.</p>

<p>UCLA/UCB: Reach schools
UCSD: Low Reach
UCI/UCD/UCSB: High Match/Match
UCSC: Match
UCR: Low Match</p>

<p>Intended Major is Physics …
suppose i do get the 2100 in the december SAT, wld that be enough ?
and thank uu </p>

<p>Intended Major is Physics …
suppose i do get the 2100 in the december SAT, wld that be enough ?
and thank uu </p>

<p>If you got a 2100 on the SAT, it would definitely help your chances but there is never a guarantee for admission. No one except the admissions officer can offer you an acceptance. BTW, UCSB is considered to have an outstanding Physics department and your Stats are within range for that UC. Good Luck.</p>

<p>Thank you, much appreciated !</p>

<p>Since the UCs are one application, it is wise to apply widely. Yes you have to pay the fee for each.</p>

<p>can you afford the UCs? what is your UC GPA?</p>

<p>i can afford UCs, my schools system pretty different, i ve had a 93 as a total average all thru out high school which is a 4 right ? </p>

<p>as @Gumbymom pointed out, you must use the UC calculator to determine your GPA when you consider UC schools. so run it and then tell us what your UC GPA is. because, as you say, school systems have different ways of calculating GPAs and because UCs get apps from all over the world, they’ve come up with their own way of calculating the world’s GPAs. run the calculator @Gumbymom gave you.</p>

<p>Typically, a 93 would be a 3.7.</p>

<p>UCs use a totally different GPA calculation based on honors/APs and what’s been “certified” as such by UC. Also, a GPA has to be calculated using grades by class. A 93 could be skewed by one very high score while the rest could be borderline meaning the GPA could be lower than that projected 3.7.</p>

<p>^but even so, I don’t think a 93 can be a 4.0?</p>

<p>Only if all those different classes were a 93 (that was the cutoff for an A in my D’s school). Highly unlikely…</p>