University at Buffalo

<p>I was wondering if anyone had any information on the pre-med school at UB. Also, does UB has a school of anesthesiology? If so, then how well known is it compared to other schools? Is the Pharmacy school also well known?</p>

-very competitive, be prepared to take rigorous classes</p>

-you need your RN degree then you apply as a cRNA, i think buffalo and columbia are the only NY schools with this program</p>

-there pharmacy school is #1 in the east coast
-very competitve, there is Early Assurance (if you maintain a 3.5 in math/science in certain courses you can skip interview and PCAT, although i must warn you that it is 1000x harder than it sounds)
-they have something like 200 seats for 1200 applicants</p>