University College?

I’ve been debating joining University College, and the AU website doesn’t have a ton of information. So, I have a few questions.
What are the benefits of being a part of University College?
Is it stressful at all to live with the people in that class? Is there pressure to do everything with those people?
How is it different from living in the general freshman population?

Hopefully someone who has experience with UC can answer your questions, but I will try. My DS is an AU Scholar, but had signed up for UC before he was admitted to the scholars program (it will be combined with the honors college next year). One of the benefits of being in UC is that it makes the college “smaller” and gives you an instant group of people that you will see not only in class, but also on your floor. So you have an instant “peer group” who is likely interested in the same things that you are based on the topic you chose to pursue in UC. My son has loved his living learning experience and is friends with many of the people on his floor. He does not do everything with the people in the program, he and many of the others in the program participate in other school organizations. One of his roommates for next year was not a Scholar. So you are not locked into “only” the people in your group. There will probably be a few activities that you have to attend in the UC, but it’s likely that there will be other activities that are optional. If you are an outgoing person who makes friends easily, then it’s maybe not something that you need. But it can be a good starting point to help you make friends in a much larger place than High School.