University Extensions

<p>I am taking courses through the University Extensions this summer and I was wondering if these classes effected my GPA, and how they will appear on my transcript. Are they seen as courses taken at UT or is it like they were taken at a CC, or something completely different?</p>

<p>Evening</a> Classroom College Credit Course FAQ :: University Extension, The University of Texas at Austin - for classroom courses
Online</a> Course FAQ - Earning Credit with Online College Courses :: University Extension, The University of Texas at Austin - for online courses</p>

<p>They will be factored into your cumulative UT GPA just like regular semester classes and appear as taken at UT, not an outside institution like a CC. Check with your advisor because some of the Extension courses (might be all) don't qualify as in-residence hours, so if you've transferred in a bunch of credits already these courses might not count towards your 60 hours in residence requirement.</p>

<p>Courses taken in a classroom with a teacher are considered in-residence. Those taken strictly online are not counted toward in-residence hours.</p>

<p>Also, 24 of your last 30 hours need to be called "in residence" so claim credit early in your academic years and take on line classes early in your academic years.</p>