University Fellows Experience at University of Alabama

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start this thread because I have not seen anyone make one yet. I applied to the University Fellows Experience at Alabama and I’m crossing my fingers that I will make it to the next stage. Have any of yall applied? Once you get your notification on the next stage of the process, please add to this thread!

Has anyone received the phone interview notification yet? Any information on their timeline?

I emailed the director about a week ago and he said an update about our status will probably be posted sometime next week, but he wasn’t completely sure because they extended the deadline so things are running a little behind

Thanks! My son applied so I was wondering - I have read they only notify thru Crimson Mail so I worried he might have missed it or not made the cut. Appreciate your response.

DS got an email today about a virtual weekend Feb 19-20

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I just got an email half an hour ago that I’m a Finalist, with information about a virtual interview weekend on the 19th and 20th that I have to RSVP for by the 8th

DS got 19-20. Sorry his twin has something 18-19

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Congrats! Also I can’t even imagine managing two kids applying to college at the same time lol

Congrats everyone! I just received my finalist email as well. I am so excited to meet everyone!

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Congrats back. One twin staying in state in NV. Older son already at UA

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Hey guys! My name is Rachel, and I got notified today that I am a finalist for UFE!! I am so excited! Do any of ya’ll know what the dress code is for this virtual weekend?

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If I may ask, those you invited to the UFE weekend, what are your GPAs and standardized test scores if you care to share? Thanks.

32 ACT and 4.9 weighted GPA. Also officer/president in multiple organizations and 300+ volunteer hours :slight_smile: I think they care most about your essays and leadership experience though!

4.0 gpa, 32 ACT, 1460 SAT with a lot of leadership positions!

4.0 GPA, 36 ACT, Eagle Scout, Civil Air Patrol (Mitchell Award & Cadet Commander), tons of community service and research focused around local history & museums in my area. Talked a little about my interest in service connected to community history in re: the Black Belt experience for the first essay, had fun with the second (Intellectual Curiosity) one and wrote about the significant time I’ve spent researching an 1890s bunch of murderers I’m distantly related to lol, and added a little more about volunteering & leadership for the third one.

Anyone heard any news yet?

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Nope. Anxiously waiting.