University Fellows Experience Class of 2026

Hi…my son received an email today that he is a UFE semifinalist. Anyone else? Appreciate any tips for the first round of interviews!

My son received the same email today as well. Would be cool if someone who went through the process and had some insights. I believe some current students do some portion of the evaluations. Going to be interesting for sure.

Good luck to your son.

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Hi! My daughter did as well! I’ve read some old posts but don’t have much information.

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Congrats! Do you have any idea how many semifinalists there are? I think about 30 are selected for the program. Good luck!

Congrats to all. Anyone heard about Randall Research?

All I know is there are approx 1000 applicants. Would guess they cut down to 250 for semi’s and 100 for finalists? I have no idea though.

Based on interview slots, it looks like around 150 for semifinalists. I thought I’d heard that around 50-60 get invited for finalist weekend. And I think they choose 20-30? But not 100% sure on those last 2 numbers.

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I haven’t heard any buzz on Randall Research yet.

Thanks. Congratulations to your daughter, and good luck going forward with UFE.

Thank you! Are you on any of the Alabama parent groups on FB? They are prolific and very informative!

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DW is. I do not do Facebook, too toxic for me.

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Anyone’s kid have their zoom interview yet? Just wondering how they went and any insights on things to prepare for.

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Did anyone hear when or how Finalists would be notified?

We have not. I think the interview went right up to the end and no follow up was given.

Sorry! I thought I replied to this but my son’s semifinalist interview was last week and he said those interviewing were very easy to talk to. They seemed to focus on areas of his application with no broad questions like, “What is the biggest issue facing your generation?”

My daughter interviewed last Wednesday - when she was sick with Covid:(
She thought the interview was hard but thinks it went well.
She heard from other students that interviewed that they are not advancing. But she hasn’t heard anything yet.

Oh that’s tough! Hope she is feeling better and glad she thought it went well. We don’t know any others who interviewed, but also haven’t heard from Alabama. Fingers crossed!

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My son loved his interview. Said they seemed like great people and asked really interesting questions. Wish I could have listened in but he made us vacate with other kids to prevent distractions. Have no idea really how it went as all I get is “good”. Haven’t heard a peep but did see on past years posts they send out white and red envelopes. Red means you made it to the in-person finals. Crossing our fingers here in Arkansas.

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Red envelopes in the mail?? Or in portal?

Mail is what I saw on previous years posts.

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