University Fellows Experience

Has anybody received an email confirming that they have been selected as a semifinalist for UFE yet? Based on past years I would assume most of the emails would be sent out either last week or this coming week. I haven’t received anything yet.

Sorry - but I heard phone interviews are being scheduled for this week.

@bhills19 Phone interviews are today, tomorrow and Thursday.

I received an email informing me that I was a semifinalist last Friday and phone interviews are 1/22 through 1/24

I guess I didn’t make it then. That’s the way she goes sometimes.

@bhills19 There are plenty of fantastic opportunities outside of the University Fellows program. Alabama is literally bursting with them!

Has anyone received notification they were invited to the weekend?

I have not

^ received email about weekend invite

Nothing received yet here unfortunately (in FL that is). In previous years, handwritten letters have been sent out sometime in the first few days of February, so finalists will likely hear something this week.

Got finalist letter in the mail today, Monday 02/04/19. Looks like a thick square holiday/wedding card. Dallas, TX

Congrats! We sadly got our notification that we were not selected:(. Do you mind sharing your stats, experience, etc. Are you national merit semi-finalists? We are awaiting NMF notification in the next couple weeks. Hopefully we will receive and that will help make our final decision.

Finalist letter received today 2/04/19 in North Alabama.Interview weekend set for Feb 22-23rd.

Got email today (just 27 minutes ago, in fact) that D19 is selected as finalist. Also got letter in the mail today, so I guess they tried to time it to be in sync. Houston, TX area.

She also applied for RRS, but wasn’t selected for that.

Received my finalist letter yesterday (2/4)!!! (Southern FL) I’m so excited for the interviews! Congrats to everyone else who received an invite :slight_smile:

What is everyone doing for travel arrangements? Do many people fly in late Thurs and leave on Sun? I think that is what we are going to do. We haven’t been, and this may be the deciding trip for us.

I’m flying in Thursday but I guess it depends on how close you live… check in to the hotel starts 4pm Friday so as long as you’re there by then you’re good!

Thanks @savior01 ! We are going to fly in on Thurs - Sun given the flight schedules, prices, and travel time to/from Birmingham. This is probably going to be my only trip as a parent, and I see we are included for the lunch & campus tour on Saturday.

Any parents have advice of what to do in the AM/PM on Saturday?

Does anybody know how many finalists they select for this program?

In the past they have invited 60 Finalists for interview weekend and from those 25 to 30 are chosen to make up the cohort.