University Fellows Finalists

<p>Well, I am getting way ahead of myself since we have not even applied to Bama Honors yet, but we will as soon as we take the Sept 10 ACT and try to get that 32 or above. In the meantime, DS is working on his Speech and Debate schedule for the year and noticed that, in the past, the UFE finalists week-end has been over Presidents Day, which is the same time as the Harvard Debate Tournament. Optimist that he is, he is hoping to make it as far as UFE finalist, so we are wondering: 1) Has this year's date been scheduled? 2) In the past, have they allowed a finalist to come on an alternate date?</p>


<p>They will make alternate arrangements. I believe it's a phone or Skype interview. Good luck!</p>

<p>AZ ... While it is true that they will attempt to accommodate those that cannot make the UFE / CBHP interview weekend, in my opinion, you should find a way to attend if at all possible. The whole weekend is really one big long interview. All of the people that they encounter (staff, faculty, and current honors student guides & volunteers) for the whole weekend presumably have the ability to comment on the suitability of the candidate for one of the coveted spots. Of course they will be having formal interviews as part of the weekend, but that is only one part of the process put together for that weekend. I'm not saying that not attending automatically disqualifies a candidate, I'm just saying that they interview weekend is a significant event, and one should seriously think twice before missing it if they have a really strong desire to compete for one of the limited spots. Besides ... the kids have a BLAST, and get to meet some really amazing kids and often make roommate choices, etc. from that interaction. Good Luck and Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Yes, some kids come on alternate days.</p>