University Honors -- experiences and thoughts?

Hey everybody,

After being accepted into Mays, I’ve started looking into the University Honors program. I like the social and educational benefits given by being around those that share some of your interests. Knowing that I want to get the best grade possible in every class, I’d hate to end up biting off more than I can chew. I’d love to hear the thoughts and experiences of those that have been in the program or are in it at the moment to get some insight.
A specific question about the program I have is: can you apply for University Honors, and if accepted, accept or decline admission?

Thank you!

@fallishere2613 , my daughter is a sophomore engineering honors Aggie. She was accepted to University honors too but declined it so I know you can decline admission. I’m not sure on University honors but with Engineering Honors students get priority registration. It probably holds for both programs. That alone is a great reason to do it in my opinion. Might as well apply; you have nothing to lose!