University honors programs - are they worthwhile?

Hello, my son was recently accepted and invited to join the honors program at WVU. Does anybody have an idea on whether this is worth it, or a good idea? From my understanding, it seems to somewhat segregate students with strong academics into special dorms as well as classes. Is the purpose to provide a stronger academic environment, or is it more of a way to provide distinction on a resume?

My son plans to pursue engineering, and some professors in that department felt the honors program did not offer much benefit. They felt engineering students already take more of the advanced classes, and the honors dormitory is not conveniently located for engineering students.

We’re trying to assess the merits to make a decision.

I don’t know anything about WVU, but there was a recent thread on this topic that has some good comments.

OK, thanks. I searched for another forum but didn’t find it. Thanks again!