University lost my original bachelor diploma and transcript

The George Washington university Business School lost my original bachelor diploma and transcript. I had been told to send them by snail mail. After I got admitted I went to admisions office to collect my docs but they told me they couldn’t locate them and apologized for that. I was like “ok” at the time I didn’t really need them then, but now when I am about to graduate I realize that this is gonna cause me a lot of inconvience. Any idea if it is worth suing them for that?

Wow, you are going straight to a lawsuit? Your undergraduate school can provide you with duplicates easily. There might be a nominal fee, but it will almost certainly be less than the cost of filing a lawsuit.


In this case I’m gonna have to go back to my home country. Unfortunately, my undergrad school doesn’t have an e-system to apply for reissueing a diploma and I have to go their in person. Some employers ask for original documents and that is what actually causing me the inconvinience.

I have a degree from another country that is not very electronic. I was able to do it by old fashioned postal mail.

Also, the number of employers who want to see your actual original undergrad degree cert & transcript has to be tiny. Typically they want to see an image.

Or they want to be able to contact the university and verify your dates of attendance and graduation.

Have you asked the international students office to help you ask the admissions office again about the missing diploma? Try that. It could be in a file somewhere still.

Don’t you have family or friends there who can do it for you?

I have never had to show my actual physical diploma to an employer. Never. What employers require you to show them your diploma? Is this really a problem? I can understand being mad that they lost something, but do you really need it?

@me29034 - If the OP is an international student, then yes a potential employer in that country might ask to see the diploma rather than a transcript.

@anursapa - Are you an international student or are you now a US permanent resident or citizen? If you are an international student, then chances are that after you have used up your OPT, you will have to leave the US, so you can get new copies of everything. If you are now a US permanent resident or citizen, and have no plans to go back to your country of origin, then the chances of needing a diploma are just about zero. You may however need your foreign transcript if you ever apply for a job that requires all of your transcripts. Often those jobs will accept the evaluation from WES and don’t need an original transcript, but sometimes they do.

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