University Medal = sham.

<p>University</a> Medal finalists check in before checking out</p>

<p>lulz. i just saw the university medal finalists page. i was in office hours a few times with one of them, and he/she knew absolutely nothing. this is dumb.</p>

<p>I want to know whoooooooooo. I'm guessing either of the first two people because you're in the sciences...</p>

<p>lols it's the first one, kat beattie. she seemed like a nice chick and hard-working, but really she didn't know what was going on. i'm shocked she's considered one of the top 5 graduating seniors.</p>

<p>yeah, i kind of get a little depressed when i think about the idea that this group of people is supposedly the best that berkeley has to offer.</p>

<p>but then i look at the world at large and remember that there aren't really that many great, intelligent, moving people who exist in the first place. so it's whatever.</p>

<p>The last guy sounds pretty impressive. Amazing rec from the proff too.</p>

<p>lol note that no professor commented on beattie</p>

<p>the others do sound very impressive though in light of their prof recs.</p>

<p>This list must be favoring people from disadvantaged backgrounds considering the last guy seems to be the only one with firm plans after graduation. Everyone else's seems pretty non-committal (at the least, no one has committed to admitting/hiring the others). Clearly, more than one person at UCB must be going straight to a prestigious grad school every year, so this list is pretty bizarre IMO. Actually, I can't properly evaluate #3's--is she paying for her master's?</p>

<p>Yeah I don't like how they determine the University Medal. The CivilE guy from this year is impressive since I know the professor that recommend him. It takes a lot to impress that guy. </p>

<p>I know one guy from the engineering department that I am in. To get that high qualifications, (~3.95 and above) is very difficult and in engineering it is very rare. Knowing him, he only applied for the University medal because the professors pressured him to and in order to represent the department. This prize is mainly for honor since the cash prize is not that much considering the amount of work you do.</p>

<p>My only qualm is that the past few winners seem to be older readmitted students who have years of experience over young kids who go here directly from highschool. Its no surprise that they would have an interesting story of spending 10 yrs doing something else besides school. Plus, they become transfer students who avoid killer weeder classes.</p>



<p>Seems like she did figure out how to get a very high GPA in the MCB major, which seems to elude a fair number of aspiring pre-meds.</p>

<p>lol apparently</p>

Post-grad plan?
I will head to Boston to spend time with my extended family and help put siding on my grandparents’ house. During the summer, I plan to study for, and take, the MCAT. If I am fortunate enough to find a position in biomedical research, I plan to work for a few years before attending medical school.


She doesn't seem to realize that it's fortunate to attend medical school immediately after graduation and unfortunate to get stuck in biomedical research for a few years. She sounds like she has already obtained a few-year deferral from a medical school.
Premeds who haven't been admitted to HMS/UCSF/JHU is not worthy of the University Medal. Likewise for humanity/social science majors who haven't been awarded Rhodes/Fulbright/Marshall.
This other guy is even weirder:

Post-grad plan?
Volunteering at UCSF in the fall as well as tutoring for the MCAT. I will also go to Argentina in September, and I will travel to Latin America (to teach) some more in the spring. Off to medical school after that.


I'm not aware of any medical school in the US that gives deferral to teach MCAT unless Kaplan has completely infiltrated the medical school system.</p>

<p>^^I think what he meant was that he is taking a year off and then going to med school. So presumably he will be applying to med school this June.</p>

<p>^^Yes I know but they are either arrogant or ignorant. It's like a high schooler saying "I will continue to work hard in my senior year this fall and do some traveling in Mexico after graduation. Off to Harvard after that."</p>

<p>Prob. arrogant - that's what I thought when I read it anyway.</p>

<p>^series start of gossip boy(mech rocket)</p>


This list must be favoring people from disadvantaged backgrounds....


<p>And this is a surprise???? UC explicitly recruits those from disadvantaged backgrounds, starting with your essay four years ago.</p>

<p>man it's hard to see in this thread with all the jealousy fogging up my sight.</p>

<p>lol @ the people making assumptions about the finalists based off of either a 2 minute interaction or a short blurb about their 4 year careers here at cal.</p>

<p>lol yeah i'll admit it, i'm a little jelly.</p>

<p>need some peanut butter</p>