University Music Professors

<p>Does one typically know who they are going to study with when they are accepted to a music school? Or does it really depend on where you attend? I've been accepted, but I still don't know at all, who I'm going to be studying with... :P</p>

<p>It depends. Sometimes they have you put down your preferences when you apply/audition, and other times, if you had a sample lesson with someone and it went well, it's just sort of implied that you'll work with them. Other times, you'll have no idea.</p>

<p>at S's school, they write down their preferences for who they would like to take lessons from at the beginning of each semester but they have classes from all the profs</p>

<p>For some schools (e.g. Juilliard, CIM), the acceptance notification indicates the studio assignment. For others (e.g. Indiana), the studio assignment is made in the fall (although often informal understandings are involved for some students).</p>