University of Alabama Class of 2026 Admissions

I had not seen this thread started yet. So, I thought I would start it. My S22 was admitted to Bama for Engineering today! Roll Tide.


Congrats! Excellent program. My dd is a senior at Alabama. LOVES it. Roll Tide.

Mine son too Engineering!!!

I greatly appreciate the advice on this forum. My S22 is a NMSF. He reached out to his local recruiter to arrange a tour of Alabama for later this week. We realized that there would be a big game on campus, so we tried to plan a quick day trip to Tuscaloosa. It has now snowballed into more than a day trip. The itinerary S22 received was unbelievable. In his words, there were some things on it that he simply could not say “no” to. This must be how athletes feel.


wow - great - when did he apply? My brother just applied today - didn’t realize you can hear so soon!

My son applied in July. He was admitted in the first round of admissions in September.


We just got home from a 2 day trip to Tuscaloosa for my NMSF daughter. It was wonderful!

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My son got accepted a few days ago and just got his acceptance packet in the mail yesterday. He is waiting to hear from other colleges to make a final decision, as UA is a bit of a drive from home and he’s not sure he wants to be that far away. It’s exciting, though! :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine just got accepted too. Also in engineering.

We haven’t toured at all. He’s a NMSF…what do the tours for them look like?

He’s applying to honors this weekend.

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Send me a pm.

First, congrats! Second, did you receive info. about honors application with acceptance letter? Was merit included in acceptance? My son should hear soon and from what I gather will qualify for Presidential Elite Scholarship but I am also worried it’s quite far from VA.


None of that was in the letter. I think I read merit is a couple weeks after acceptance.

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Hello! Congrats to your son! My daughter applied last year and the portal platform was totally different and she was able to see her acceptance days later. My younger daughter is applying this year. Is notification seen online? It seems like she has to wait for snail mail from the applicant details page. Thank you!

Hey! My daughter’s application was processed on 9/8 and once that happens it doesn’t show any record of what the decision was on the portal. On 9/13 we logged in and it said admitted. On 9/21 we got an email from Alabama saying she was admitted. On 9/22 we received the letter in the mail. We toured last Thursday and LOVED it. I asked about getting the official merit scholarship letter and they said they would be out within the month. I hope this helps!


Hello! Yes, that helps! We toured it last year after my older was accepted and it’s just gorgeous! (She ended up at UGA and is very happy). My younger one just loves Alabama. Thank you for the detailed dates!! Best of luck to your daughter!

Yes! Georgia Tech, UA, and UGA are her top three. Not necessarily in that order. Of course she is a teenage girl so things can change moment by moment, LOL! Big decisions.

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That’s an awesome top 3! She will be happy at any of them! So exciting for sure.

My son first got notified of his acceptance through email, 1.5 weeks after applying. He then got a packet with an acceptance letter, etc, through regular mail a few days later. Best wishes to your daughter!