University of Alabama Class of 2026 Admissions

D22 was admitted last week…Communications…4.2 weighted GPA…28 ACT…Full IB Diploma…OOS…Texas.

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Where do you see how much scholarship money was given? Do you need to create a MyBama account? My acceptance is in my freshman portal but it then says to create a Mybama account. This is a safety school for me but curious about merit.

Good questions…but I am not sure exactly how to answer them. Right now Alabama is a safety for my D22 as well. Although she is thankful to be admitted and is eligible for merit according to Alabama’s website, she has not confirmed exactly how much.

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Did she create a MyBama account?

Not yet…that will be on the “to do” list for this weekend.

We received a letter in the mail in September letting us know about the merit amount. We have not seen it on the Mybama site.


DS 22 applied 10-30, they received official SAT score 11-02, accepted today, came up on portal. OOS, 4.3 GPA/1330 SAT, waiting for Merit information.


DD got her acceptance yesterday! Applied 11/4, 3.81 weighted GPA, test optional, OOS, heavy honors/AP/DE course load and lots of fine arts/honor society extra curricular activities. Roll tide!


OOS DS 22 submitted ACT

  • applied 10/19,
  • accepted 11/8.
  • Finally receive mailed letter today: merit Presidential $28K.

11/18: submitted Supplemental Scholarship Application, hoping for the National Hispanic Recognition award,
==>==> but we won’t hear back until early March?

“Thank you for submitting your Freshman Supplemental Scholarship Application. Students can expect consolidated scholarship notifications via their Crimson Mail account in early March.”


The 2 days of tours and meetings set up for my DD through the Honors College were amazing! Private sit-downs with department heads. We also joke that you would have thought she was a 5 Star QB recruit! :slight_smile:


Has anyone received their Competitive Scholarship offer? It mentions first round notification by mid December if you were admitted in October. My daughter said her 2022-2023 Financial Aid page was no longer available when she checked today. Maybe an indication that they are getting updated?

Where is the 2022-2023 Financial Aid Page? Is it in MyBama?

I could not find my award year either. I hope they get released soon

Yes, in MyBama. Not there this morning again.

I just got an email from UA about scholarships. It said that my application has been rolled to the second round of UA competitive admissions scholarships. What is the difference between first round and second round? Will I have a lesser chance of receiving a large scholarship because I was moved to the second round? Thank you for all of your help!

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I would not fret it. I received the same email. DS22 has already been awarded a Presidential Scholarship and as a NMSF (likely NMF) would only qualify for that scholarship. He didn’t apply for any of the other scholarships because…why? I t appears to be a form message that they are still thinking about your kid for scholarships. That’s a good thing.

We received the merit scholarship letter a couple of months ago in the mail. Does it ever show up anywhere in mybama?

That’s pretty awesome. Glad to see a college treating these students like this. So different than most of the ones we’ve dealt with so far.

We are heading down this coming week for a tour. We are signed up, but haven’t heard anything other than the automatic confirmations of times. He picked the general tour, engineering and honors. I hope it’s a great tour. The weather does not look spectacular though. We seem to bring rain when we tour colleges, lol.

Has anyone who applied WITHOUT test scores received any merit scholarships? If so, did you have to do anything to be considered? Thanks so much!

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