University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa- main campus)

Anyone know anything about this program? They were in NY the week of Unifieds and well-liked. Obviously, this is a very popular university as a whole.

We have several kids in this program. It has a fabulous dance department as well as a great MT program. My friend has a son who graduated from the program last May and has been working continuously. Please feel free to private message me with any questions. I can refer you to some people who are not on CC that might can answer from their direct experience.

Thank you @NAtlantaStudio! That sounds very good! I’ve heard they have alumni currently on broadway.

Yes, one of the guys became an u/s in Kinky Boots a few weeks after graduation. Really good program.

Thanks! Why is you think it doesn’t get more press? Honestly it seems to have more currently working alumni than the main schools featured here, better facilities, a beautiful looking campus, and a great faculty. Tbh Why wouldnt people rather go here than some obscure BFA program. Am I Missi something?

Missing ( haha )

Many just aren’t exposed to their program. We’ve have known for many years about the program and have our students audition every year. I don’t think they have really tried advertising the school nationally as they get tons of kids from around the area. They went to NY unifieds this year so I think many will start being exposed.