University of alabama vs asu vs tampa

<p>i have been admitted in all of these universities but i am really tilting towards alabama i have never been to U.S so i dont know about the environment can you please tell me hows the environment (party scene,girls):smiley: and offcourse academics? and how is the area surrounding university i know it is a college town but are their any stuff to do ?</p>


<p>Ok…the girls are GORGEOUS at Bama. :)</p>

<p>The academics are strong. What is your major? </p>

<p>The city of Tuscaloosa is not a small college town. It’s a mid-sized city, so there are things to do off-campus. Lots of off-campus hangouts. </p>

<p>The weather in T-town is mostly mild…however, for the first few weeks of the semester it is hot, then it is very reasonable. Winters are usually mild with some cold periods. In the recent week or so, T-town has been unusually cold because of being impacted from a storm elsewhere.</p>

<p>thankyou mom2collegekids .My major is commerce and business admin :smiley: i always wanted to goto a large university with lots of people bama looks gorgeous in pics i am still having a hard time can’t make up my mind :(</p>

<p>Where are you from?</p>


<p>i am from karachi, pakistan.:)</p>