University of Alberta or University of Waterloo?

<p>Hello, I'm an international student who has been admitted to University of Alberta, UBC and University of Waterloo (admitted for engineering program). Personally, I would like to go to either Alberta or Waterloo because I want to work with some oil sands in some oil production companies in Canada (or possibly internationally) when I graduate and get a job.</p>

<p>As some of you guys probably know, the undergraduates in University of Alberta don't get to specify their major in their first year of engineering program. It all depends on their first year GPA. The officiate university of alberta website mentioned that it requires 2.8 GPA to get Petroleum Engineering degree with the co-op program but honestly, I'm not really too sure if I should consider little worried about the validity of this information since I heard Petroleum Engineering degree in that university is quite competitive.</p>

<p>Second, I got into University of Waterloo for the Honors Chemical Engineering with the co-op. This one, I got to specify my major and I start learning about Chemical Engineering directly in my first year without taking any general engineering courses. However, I'm little worried by the fact that at the end, I wouldn't be able to work within the oil production area as Alberta (Edmonton) is where all the oil companies are located normally.</p>

<p>I also would like to know the toughness of the engineering courses offered by these two universities... I heard University of Toronto (U of T) is very hard to graduate with since it's extremely hard to keep the high GPA in the engineering courses.
Would it be easy to get a job anyways if I go to either University of Alberta or University of Waterloo?</p>

<p>I'd really appreciate any thought that you have on this topic by this point.
Thank you so much, guys!</p>

hi …how are you?
I am going to UW this fall…so btw where did you go?