University of Arizona - Arbol de la Vida

<p>What does everyone think of the new honors dorm at the University of Arizona? I know I want to be in one of the new dorms but I don't know which. Arbol will be full of people all going through the honors program like me, but Likins is way more central. Any comments would be really appreciated!</p>

<p>I've been debating the same thing! I was just talking to an admissions person on the phone yesterday (and a current sophmore at U of A) and she said they are both really nice. She asked me if I wanted to stay in the honors college all through college and when I answered yes she said that I'd probably prefer Arbol because people there will have similar goals and whatnot. Also Arbol has almost twice as many people in it so thats more people to meet! (: She did say that Likins has a really nice location though so thats a plus. But she also mentioned that Likins is only about 5 min. away from Arbol (either by walking or biking i can't remember). I know Arbol has its own gym and rec room and stuff too which I guess you could either take as a plus because its close or a minus because you dont get to meet as many people? She said the people who live there are really nice and outgoing too :).
Anyways this is probably not what you're looking for since i've never actually been there and I don't know what it is actually like living there haha but I hope that helped a little bit!</p>

<p>I can't speak from personal experience or Arizona-related experience, but I know people who live or lived in the honors dorms at my uni and they all loved it.</p>