University of Arizona Class of 2025

I have not seen a thread for acceptances yet for the class of 2025.

Major -

I’ll start, my daughter was admitted and application decision took less than a week.

GPA 4.44/4.0 (uw Abor)
SAT - not submitted
Major - Molecular and Cellular Biology
Auto Arizona Distinction Award of $35000

GPA UW 3.97/4.0
ACT 35
Major - physics
Auto Arizona Merit Award of $30,000


GPA UW 3.87
SAT: 1490 (Arizona doesn’t care about my SAT though)
Major: Engineering
EC: Science Olympiad and a part time job as a waiter.
Merit: 20k

GPA 4.36/4.0 (uw)
SAT - not submitted
Major - Eller First-Year Direct Admit - Finance
Arizona Distinction Award $35000

My son was accepted last month and we visited Tucson a couple of weeks ago for the first time (we live in Tennessee). He loved the campus and the area and would probably commit (he did put a housing deposit down) but is a little unsure about the Math department. Waiting on other acceptances before final decision. Can’t beat the price, though!

GPA 4.45/4.0
ACT- 34
Major-Statistics and Data Science
Arizona Distinction Award $35,000

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GPA 4.36/4.00(uw)
SAT Not taken
Major: Neuroscience
National Merit SF Award of $37,000
Auto admit to honors college

Daughter admitted and really interested/considering…
Waiting to hear – FSU, UF, Arizona, ASU, TCU…
*Send any recommendations/thoughts!

GPA 3.98
SAT 1210
Major Business MNGT/Admin
Merit: $20,000

When will a visit be possible without quarantine!

Does anyone know when they release Honors College decisions?

I believe mid Dec

Son admitted end of October
Waiting to hear – UW,Stanford and several UCs Cal Poly
Accepted at UofO and invited to apply as Stamps Scholar

GPA UW 3.71 W 4.47
SAT 1460
Major Biochemistry
Merit: $12,500

Was really looking forward to U of A but merit offer was far lower than they had suggested it would be after eliminating SAT

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GPA W 3.14
SAT not submitted
Major physiology and medical sciences in the College of medicine

Son Admitted 27th October ( Applied October 13th)

OOS applicant

GPA UW 3.99+

Full IB Diploma and (Bilingual IB Diploma candidate)

GPA Weighted is complicated due to an International school transfer.
Freshman/Sophomore years International= 4.59 W
Junior Year USA 4.56 W
Senior Year USA 1st quarter 5.0 W

Major: College of Medicine- Physiology and Medical Sciences

Merit: Arizona Distinction Award $35,000

Has anyone heard back from the Honors College?

We love Arizona!! UArizona is VERY much the top of my son’s list (#1) due to the Undergraduate College of Medicine access and UArizona’s top notch ranking as R1 research University.

CONGRATS to all of you!

The honors college releases admission decisions in early/mid December.

Daughter Accepted
GPA 4.7/4.0
ACT 33
Major Studio Art (Illustration + Design)
Merit: $35,000

We just visited a few weeks ago and really liked the campus. Waiting to hear from honors college and a few other art schools too.

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@calmomto3 what were you able to do on campus? We are visiting next month and unsure what to expect in terms of what we will be able to see. Any suggestions?

@stacysmom21 We stayed at the Marriott which was very convenient to campus - a block away. We thought it would be convenient for food too as there’s an area called Main Gate right next to the entrance, but unfortunately a lot of the restaurants were closed (at least for dinner). We grabbed take-out dinner from Chipotle and ate in the hotel room. Panera was a good choice for breakfast and lunch items. It was still nice for my DD to see what was there - food, shops, electric tram stop, etc.

The campus was really quiet although there were some students hanging out/studying at the Student Center area and many of the buildings had tables/chairs set up out side where you’d see some kids doing work. The campus store and the food places on campus were all open during the day.

We were lucky in that the art building was open and we ran into a sculpture professor who very kindly gave us a mini tour of the facilities and talked about the department. We didn’t try going into any others, so not sure if they’re all open or not.

We downloaded the Guidebook App and they have a walking tour of the campus. It was great because I felt it like really took us on a tour of the entire campus and hit all the main buildings you’d be seeing under normal circumstances.

I think we spent about 3 hours in total on campus. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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@calmomto3 thank you so much

UA Honors College priority decisions should come out December 11

GPA 4.5/4.0
ACT 33
Major: Undeclared for now (although has applied for the BFA theatre program)
Merit: $35,000

She is awaiting several other decisions, but so far this is her favorite offer yet.
She missed the 1st Honors college deadline, but is interested in throwing her hat in the ring for that. Anyone have thoughts on the Honor’s college?