University of Arizona Honors College Chances

Hey! Not sure if my statistics are good enough for the ua honors college and was hoping someone could help me figure out?
uw gpa: 3.76
w gpa: 4.21
sat: 1300 (retaking next week)
extra curriculars: a lot of community service, National Honor Society, Year long 180 hr internship with engineering company, Highschool Swim Senior year
Major: biomedical engineering
Class Rank: 38/421
APs: Psych: 5
Calc AB: 4
Planning on taking Calc BC ap Test this year

In mostly advanced courses

I realize my gpa and sat are slightly below their averages but also know averages are averages and not admission minimums. How do my chances look?

Are you instate?


Yes, sorry idk if my other reply went on as a reply this is my first time using this

Did you apply? Any reply yet?