University of Arizona International Merit Scholarship

I’m going to be applying as an International student and I was looking at their merit scholarship…I’ve taken the ACT and scored quite well…and my GPA is…hmm, it’s not the best but it’s okay. I can get 20k off based on my merit. But I feel like it’s too good to be true, haha. Do they really give out merit scholarships to international students? Or is it just for show? I know, it sounds like a stupid question but Arizona offers me a lot off if I get it and I don’t want to get my hopes up for no reason. Thank you!!

Anything published on the
UA website and indicated as being true for Fall 2020 is legally binding. So, if you saw it on the UA website, yes it’s true.

What they offer isn’t as important as what it will cost, can you afford the balance? U of Az with 20K off is still going to cost you $33000 a year. With your stats (assuming GPA>3.5 and ACT>32) there are other schools to look at if you have 33K a year to spend as you are happy to look at the less selective options.