University of Arizona Spring

<p>Hello, I wanted to ask: Is it possible to begin studying on spring semester physics program at the University of Arizona?. The deadline for fall semester is passed and I wanted to know if on spring was an option. Thanks for reading</p>

<p>Also if you could tell me if it were possible to still enter on fall semester.. I know that time is important so pleease answer. </p>


<p>I don't see an issue with entering in spring as long as your application is on time (November 1). </p>

<p>The application deadline for fall was May 1, but there's an asterisk on the website saying they will take applications after May. Might as well ask admissions to check!</p>

<p>I sent them an email and they haven't answered so I'll just call them now.</p>

<p>Thanks for replying :P</p>

<p>U of A still might have Fall 2010 spots. They always seem to be on the list of colleges that have openings that posts after May 1.</p>