University of Arizona vs UCLA

Hi everyone,
So I’m currently deciding between UofA and UCLA for neuroscience this upcoming fall. I like UCLA because it has more opportunities for premed research, but I would be paying around 22K for tuition(my parents are covering housing and about half my tuition). I also like UofA because it’s close to home and the Mayo Clinic hospital and I get in-state tuition and a 16K scholarship, so I would not be paying anything for my undergrad studies since my parents will pay for housing. I hope to become a psychiatrist in the future, so saving money for med school is something I’m considering now when choosing a school. I like both schools equally and I’m still unable to choose one after much consideration, so if anyone has some advice that would be greatly appreciated!

You like them equally and Arizona is $22k less. This is one of the biggest no-brainers I’ve ever seen.

Agree with @Johnny523, plus “pre-med” students are plentiful at UCLA and the competition is fierce for those precious A grades in the Medical school course requirements.

Save the $22K/year and attend U of A.

Best of luck.

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Hi @silverfalls31, curious which school you picked and are you happy with your decision?

It has been well over a year since OP has been back on CC. You could PM @silverfalls31 to find out their decision but I am closing this discussion.