University of Arizona vs University of Pittsburgh

Hi everyone,
So I’m currently deciding between UofA and UPitt for neuroscience this upcoming fall. I like UPitt because it has more opportunities for premed research, but I would be paying around 22K for tuition(my parents are covering housing and I got a 10K merit scholarship). I also like UofA because it’s close to home and the Mayo Clinic hospital and I get in-state tuition and a 16K scholarship, so I would not be paying anything for my undergrad studies. (I should add that no matter what school I go to, my parents are covering my housing fees and I am covering tuition fees.) I hope to become a psychiatrist in the future, so saving money for med school is something I’m considering now when choosing a school. I like both schools equally and I’m still unable to choose one after much consideration, so if anyone has some advice that would be greatly appreciated!

Pitt is a great place for neuroscience and premed. But I can’t say it’s worth 88k more than UA.