University Of Arizona

This is my first post on the website and I wanted some insight for people who may have gone to UA or just know a lot about how college admissions work!

I have a 3.0 GPA and got an 1170 on my SAT is that good enough to get into UA? I still have to take my ACT and I may consider retaking the SAT to try and get at least a 1200.
I did softbally freshmen year, I still play but not for school, I was in Business Professionals Of America, Class committee, student Counsel and academic decathalon.
Would love to hear all your feedback

There are two pathways, one for Arizona residents and one for nonresidents, which is slightly more competitive but not very much more so. If you have a 3.0 and all the Arbor competencies, your admissions chances are good. (Note that some majors like nursing are more competitive than the school as a whole.)

Read about the admissions requirement here: