University of Arizona's Honors College

<p>I live in Arizona and financially I probably won't be able to afford most out of state schools like NYU and Umich (those were the ones I was mainly looking at). So I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get info on U of A's Honors College online? I just wanted to see what my chances were for the honors college and scholarships.</p>

<p>Check here:
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<p>Here is more information for prospective students:
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<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>The U of A uses a computer program and looks strickly at numbers. They do not consider essay activities recs etc. This is the first year they are using those for scholarship however so the trend may be in flux for future years. I predict that next year they will look beyond just statistics. I am very impressed with ASU's Barretts program as well. It is worth a peek. The old dean from Swarthmore is trying to make it more of a small liberal arts college within a larger university. It has a ways to go to meet that goal but I am more impressed with it then U of A's. My D is looking into Barretts as well if money becomes an issue ie no merit scholarships or finaid . Barretts has good mentoring , research and study abroad and great professors just for the honors program who work with you abroad as well. Their grad school rates are excellent!</p>

<p>Mystic, Don't rule out merit money for liberal arts colleges. If you have the stats for the honors program, you also have a good chance of recieving merit at many other colleges. Cast your net wide, look at schools where you are at the top 25% for rankings. Many of them have honors programs as well. There are lots of good options.</p>

<p>What do you think the stats would have to be to get into the Honors College? btw im a junior right now</p>

<p>They look at challenge of course work. Don't take an easy load senior year as that is the kiss of death for a student even if you have a perfect GPA! I think I have heard at least 4 AP classes and lots of honors, a 3.8 GPA recalculated and I would have to check the web for scores. My son got a great scholarship there as well free tuition and over 2,000 yearly towards room and board. He didn't end up going however. Next year they were talking of taking more into account and looking at the total student so it should be different hopefully. Good luck!</p>