University of Arizona's Musical Theatre Program in 2017

My S is a freshman MT major at University of Arizona! As an up and coming program led by the amazingly supportive and talented Hank Stratton and Danny Gurwin, I had a hard time finding any current info on the program last year. He chose this program after being accepted to many other well-established “top” programs because of these guys. Danny Gurwin received his BFA from U-Mich and Hank Stratton received his training from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art—both have impressive Broadway credits. He is so happy, and learning and growing so much so far. Contrary to some old information on CC, UA is no longer a cut program. My S was concerned that cuts were still a thing, so he emailed Professor Stratton last spring to clarify, and he told my S that they are committed to the students for “the 4 years at school and the 40 after that.” To give you an idea of the kind of talent at UA right now, three current freshmen attended the Jimmy Awards last summer and one of them came home with the top prize. :slight_smile: If anyone has any questions at all about this program as you go through this crazy process, please let me know!

I wanted to ask how selective are they , what are the chances of getting accepted

Hi @michruiz! They had about 500 audition and they will choose about 10 for MT and 5 or 6 for acting.

@curlyk I was wondering if you know if people come off the waitlist? My D got waitlisted last night and is so exciting. We will be planning a trip out west for a visit. Any tips on the area/campus visit would be appreciated.

Stepping in here, because I love this program and know people in it. The wait list absolutely DOES move - there are people in this year’s freshman class that were originally waitlisted (as is true at every program). Planning a campus visit even though you are waitlisted is a great move if this is a top choice - that shows your interest. Like someone else in another thread said, none of the class lists are complete until CMU sends out their offers.

@heliobike Thank you for the information. Yes it is one of the top schools on my daughter’s list. Plus getting away from this midwest weather in March will be delightful.

My D also was waitlisted, and this is one of her favorite schools. Does anyone know how their waitlist works and how many people are accepted from it? And any tips on how to respond to the school? We will visit campus over our spring break too.

Hi- jumping in here. My D has been accepted into the lighting design major. She has also been accepted into Webster University. She is undecided - liking different things about each program. Her main draw to UofA is the lighting design professor- Deanna Fitzgerald- she seems so committed to the program and her students. Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA!

UofA BFA MT was just named one of the top 25 programs in the country for 2018-2019! No longer the best kept secret! This needs to be on everyone’s audition list who is looking for a very selective program ( less than 15 MT per class) in a large university setting. These kids get the full college experience with very specialized training from some of the best in the business.

@curlyk Hi! Is it possible to get in to the school by sending a video? We are going to NY Unifieds and not Chicago. They are only at Chicago. Also, curious about student film opportunities as I hear they have a great film program. Is it possible to minor?

Hi @thespis1! It is possible to send in a video. Last year, someone was accepted from a video submission.

Hi! Do you know the difference in the MT and Acting? I can’t seem to find anything really. Are they both lead by Gurwin and Stratton? Thank you in advance!