University Of California admission criteria

What are the chances of getting admission to UCLA, UCI, UCSD if there is a “C” on a transcript?

Insufficient information to give any answer.

It may be easier to get some idea for frosh admission if you recalculate your HS GPA by UC methods and than compare the weighted-capped HS GPA to published admission rates by HS GPA band (but with awareness that some majors or divisions may be substantially more selective than the campus overall).

Or, for transfer admission, calculate your overall college GPA and compare it to published transfer admit GPA ranges and admit rates by campus and major.

Freshman or Transfer?

C in which course?

UC GPA’s if a Freshman : GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

UC Transfer GPA if a Transfer?

Intended or planned major?

In general, one C will not be the reason for a rejection from any of these schools however, the UC’s are very GPA focused.

I have linked the UC application criteria for Freshman:

Generally UC GPA’s, HS course rigor and essays are considered Very Important.

For transfers see this link: How applications are reviewed | UC Admissions

sure - as long as most of the rest of them are As.

not enough info to give you more than that.
tell us about your situation for more tailored response.

Weighted capped UC gpa - 3.64 (I know, yikes)
SAT score - 1540
PSAT (junior year) - don’t remember but 96th percentile

AP Classes:
-Freshman Year
AP Human Geography: Score of 4
-Sophomore Year:
AP World History: Score of 5
AP Physics 1: Score of 3
AP Computer Science A: not being submitted
AP Environmental Science: not being submitted
- Junior Year:
AP United States History: 4 (prediction)
AP English Language: 5 (prediction)
AP Biology: 4 (prediction)
AP Calculus BC: 4 (prediction)
AP Physics C Mechanics: 3 (prediction)
AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism: 2 (prediction)
AP Spanish Language and Culture: 5 (prediction)
-Senior Year:
AP Phycology
AP Seminar
AP English Literature
AP Spanish Literature
AP Chemistry
AP Statistics
AP Government
AP Economics
AP Physics 2

Extracurriculars: Younger then grade level (will be 16 at time of graduation) thus internships/volunteering was limited due to age restrictions. Same thing with work experience.

  • Arabic School Volunteering
  • Teaching math to elementary School students who don’t speak English
  • Possibly hospital volunteering this summer when I am of age.

Immigrant, first generation US college student, moving many times inside of the US including across states, low income family, couldn’t work bc of age/immigration papers, 16 at time of graduation

3 clubs sophomore year, none junior year (covid)

Significant improvement in GPA from sophomore year to 1st semester junior year to 2nd semester junior year

biochemistry or molecular/cell biology major, pre med route. Planning on applying to all the UC’s except for Merced and I am out of state. Thoughts on chances of admission?


UCs do not offer need-based financial aid to non-California residents, except for some high-reach merit scholarships that have a need-based award. So it looks like you will not be able to afford to attend in any case (3.64 weighted-capped GPA makes it hard to believe that those high-reach merit scholarships are even possible), so it is unlikely to be worth applying.

a 3.64 makes most of the UCs a stretch. UCM is going to be a coin toss.

What’s your home state.?

@jbhafbharf: Based on your GPA, your target schools are UC Merced and Riverside. If you want to pay $260K for either of these schools, then they would gladly have you enroll. I would think with your excellent SAT scores, you would be concentrating on schools that would consider these scores.

Also another reminder that if you want to be chanced, then start your own discussion.

Thanks for the insight, as an out of state student would my SAT score not be looked at holistically in terms of the application?

I’ll be applying next academic year, so it will be test optional.

@jbhafbharf: The UC’s stance on test scores for this admission cycle (no word on next year) is that test scores will not be considered in the application review.

Exam requirement | UC Admissions

Fall 2021 enrollment

UC will not consider SAT or ACT test scores when making admissions decisions or awarding Regents and Chancellor’s scholarships. If you choose to submit test scores as part of your application, they may be used to determine your eligibility for the California statewide admissions guarantee, as an alternative method of fulfilling minimum requirements for eligibility or for course placement after you enroll.