University of Chicago Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

My daughter got an email. It is just basic, as someone else said. It says:

thank you for applying

your application file is complete

decisions will be released in mid-December

we will provide a more specific date when it is available

we are here to help, please contact your regional admissions counselor if you have any questions

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i know? i was wondering who got those abs what it means…. compared to those who didn’t.

I think if you didn’t get it, and you applied EA, you won’t get in this admissions round. Like you will get deferred or rejected. But if you got the email and applied EA, you actually have a semi-decent chance.

UChicago accepts ~4% of EA applicants, so they take the cream of the crop. I’m pretty much more than 4% of EA applicants and all the likely admits got this email

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I saw a post on Reddit that said:

I got mail from Chicago with a letter just along the lines
of congratulations on everything you have
accomplished, we are here for you, and some financial
aid + merit based scholarship info. Is this indicative of
an acceptance?

I think this is just a generic letter you get if applying for FA. My daughter got one.


i applied ED 1 and definitely did not get that letter.

Mail as in postal mail ?

Yes, it came via postal mail. We live in the United States and she applied early action and applied for financial aid.

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Oh then you are fine. They would have no incentive to send it to an ED admit.

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Nervous as hell for december 15th lol


Same but for Penn ED (Uchicago EA my best essays tho, so hopeful for an acceptance). If deferred will do ED2

I’m ED1 but I don’t wanna have to do any more college admissions crap, I’m over it. I wanna get in.

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You probably will, but I won’t jinx it for you.

I just wanna get into a good UC at this point lol

And not only UC Hicago

you think? I’m just over this entire process, if I get in, first thing I’m doing is taking a flight to korea

hawaii is better tbh. But yeah im outttttttttta here ofc sstill trying in school tho

Under upload material in the portal, I see that there are two entries for early decision agreement. One on the 10/30 (our submission) and the other on the 11/16. Could it be the school counselor’s?

11/16/2022 03:48 AM - Early Decision Agreement
10/30/2022 06:07 AM - Early Decision Agreement

I am curious other people also have two entries.

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I was in your shoes more than a decade ago but still remember the stress involved in the process. Remember to take care of yourself first and foremost. Don’t let any deferrals, waitlists, or rejections define who you are. Good luck to everyone applying!


Yes, timestamped around 29 Oct and 16 Nov.

What are your chances for UChicago if you have a high weighted GPA (around 4.6) but you have a low UW (around 3.8).

If you ED’ed and have good essays and good ECs you still have a great shot

I need a little bit more information. Does your school rank?
GPA is almost always evaluated in the context of your course rigor and performance in relationship to your peers. If that UW GPA puts you in the top 10% of class, you have an excellent shot.