University of Chicago Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

I would expect the vast majority of UC applicants, especially those who are unhooked, have GPAs 3.8+ and top decile class rank.

Without knowing the rest of an applicants’ application, there is no way to assess chances. Even if we did know essays, LoRs, ECs, etc, we have no way of knowing how, or if, this applicant’s profile fits any of Chicago’s institutional priorities this year.

My son had a 3.6UW GPA and no hooks. He’s currently a 2nd year at UChicago. He applied EA, was deferred, and was accepted in the RD round. In our experience, it’s truly a holistic review process and GPA is just one piece of a very comprehensive application. Good luck to you!

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My school doesn’t rank, however, they do give a list of the top 200 students. So rather than having valedictorians, we have a list of students.

Thank you!

Same plan here…wow.

You have a good shot, but like others said, other applicants will have similar stats as you. Admissions is so unpredictable nowadays. Applying early decision will help. Having glowing letters of recommendation and essays will further enhance your application.

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Eh on second thought likely not chicago ED2. Did you ED Penn CAS?

Penn SEAS.

His essays must have been amazing! UChicago really does care about them.

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UChicago does take a truly holistic approach to admissions. I was an international student, and my SAT reading was <700. Granted, this was 10+ years ago when overall admit rate was ~30% but still. LOR, essays, GPA, course rigor all matter a great deal.

Yes. Truly, they were amazing and possibly the strongest part of his application. He heard second hand that one of the AOs was referencing his essay in her sessions with prospective students, and another was referencing his 2 minute video. It’s definitely a way to stand out from the crowd of extremely qualified applicants. You just never know how things will work out. He also wrote to his AO about new awards he earned senior year and his continued interest after he was deferred. One thing that kept us all sane throughout the process was having realistic expectations and not getting too attached to one university. Even though UChicago was his dream school, he was also excited about his other options. We didn’t expect him to end up in Chicago.


does anyone have some portal astrology? the waiting is killing me


I don’t know but looking at previous years, don’t they seem to release on Mondays? My guess (a totally unfounded one) is December 19. A total speculation on my part of course.

Last year decision date was Friday Dec 17th.

Oh I take my prediction back then. :slight_smile: Hopefully it will come out on Friday 16th!


Got this in mail today. With a picture of dog.
Any clue.
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Should those of us who got nothing assume the worst? :wink:

Guys, when I go on
it says “Not Found”. Is the same for you guys?

I asked DS. He says his portal looks the same as before.

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Wait ■■■, did he apply ED?