University of Cincinnati: "Estimated DAAP awarded scholarship" meaning

I received my financial aid offer from UC a few days ago. I got accepted to DAAP for Communication Design and on January 31st I received an email notification of $3,000/year from Cincinnatus and $6000/year from the National Outreach Award (I live in Michigan), which have both been posted to my financial aid offer. However, an additional monetary total titled “Estimated DAAP awarded scholarship” for $4,000 for the school year was also posted. I have a few questions about this since I haven’t heard anything about it before:

  • Is this number going to grow/shrink at all?
  • Is this scholarship renewable throughout my years at UC?
  • Is UC going to send me some official email about what this scholarship actually means and where I'm earning it from?
  • Does everyone attending DAAP get a scholarship like this?

I will also note that I was accepted into the university honors program UHP - don’t know if this is important information or not

I can only answer your last question, that not everybody got the extra $4k (my kid got Cincinnatus, National Outreach, and Honors but not that). For the others I’d contact the department directly. They were really nice when I had questions. Congratulations!