University of Cincinnati won't accept remedial students to main campus

<p>An article in Sunday's Cincinnati Enquirer (Sept. 20) said remedial students will now go to one of the branch campuses, not the main one, or to nearby Cincinnati State. It is hoped they will eventually transfer to the main UC campus and pursue bachelor's degrees.</p>

<p>This applies to about 600 students a year, starting in the fall of 2010.</p>

<p>This will improve UC's academic profile and is good news for UC supporters who believe the school has been underrated and has the potential to be a competitor to more elite schools (not just its CCM and DAAP schools, which are already world-class.)</p>

<p>This plan should also provide a more welcoming atmosphere to students who need academic help to meet admissions standards at the main campus.</p>

<p>Not to mention the spectacular wins of the bearcat football team boosting national visibility! ;)</p>

<p>Actually, UC would love to be able to take the remedial students under their "all encompassing" policy of admission. However, with budget cutbacks and substantially increased applications for both freshmen and transfers, they really don't have the ability to take remedial students. Personally, I think this is a good thing for the school overall.</p>

<p>Be careful what you consider a "good idea." The reason UC and other 4 yr. schools have closed their gates to and are shutting out "remedial" students they once welcomed is because a bill signed by former Gov. Ted Strickland (in 2007) has threatened to lessen subsidies to these OH schools starting in yr. 2015 if they continue to offer "remedial" courses. UC decided early on (in 2010) to put an end to their "remedial" program so to boost their appeal and heighten their chances for being recognized as a leading research school. A remedial program would lessen their chances of being recognized for this & the bill just helped them to do what they had intended for some time. So, UC is not hoping, wishing, or desiring to have students deemed "remedial" in their school. Let's be clear! This was even more evident by the closing of their University College which once served those same students they have not closed their doors to. Before you believe the hype, do some research on basic writing (AKA REMEDIAL WRITING, DEVELOPMENTAL WRITING). Also, look & see who makes up the demographics of basic writing students. Be Clear and Real!</p>

<p>^^Not "shutting out" but accepting at the BRANCH campuses.</p>