University of Colorado - Boulder

My S21 is considering applying at the University of Colorado - Boulder. What is the campus like? What is the “vibe” like there? He is interested in chemistry and physics, but not exactly sure. Are there opportunities to explore different academic interests? We are in California, and Boulder seems like a fairly easy place to travel to. His stats are good - 3.97 W gpa and 35 ACT. Is there merit money based on stats?

Does the school see, crowded? Is housing an issue? Are frats a big thing there? Are students happy there?

Just looking for thoughts on the school and what types of kids like it there.

We would be out of state, and there is no WUE discount for this school, so I know the school would be expensive.

This is listed under “ athletic recruits” but it shouldn’t be. Can someone move it? Sorry, I’m a bit new to posting on CC. Thanks.


Yes, CU is a crowded school. Lots of people on campus. Freshmen live on campus but very few upperclassmen do. Housing in Boulder is very expensive. Living in Boulder is very expensive. Lots of people do it.

Chem and physics are part of the Arts and sciences college. Very easy to explore other majors and jump around. Much more difficult to then transfer to engineering if that is of interest.

There is a $25k merit scholarship for top students ($6250/yr). Helps, but there is still a big bill to be paid. CSU and Mesa both are part of WUE.

The campus was nice but to me, too large. D21 is OOS and we toured early March.

Housing is an issue. Not a lot of dorms and there are dorm communities they said that were a 10 minute shuttle ride from campus. Shopping district is easily reached within walking distance. Stadium is literally ON CAMPUS. Saw physics area (D21 interested in astronomy) and was well equipped. Personally I liked Wyoming better, but ultimately will be her choice. Found Boulder hard to navigate with a car though.