University of Colorado to USAFA


<p>I was wondering if any of you could provide me with some information. Currently, I’m a Freshman at the University of Colorado, but my goal is to go to apply to USAFA after this year, and hopefully gain an appointment.</p>

<p>Here are my questions:</p>

<li><p>Can someone who already has some college still attend the academy?</p></li>
<li><p>When I apply, would the academy use my college grades and scores to determine my eligibility for an appointment, or would I still have to submit my high school grades and scores for them to use?</p></li>
<li><p>Does playing college athletics increase my chances of getting in?</p></li>

<p>Here are my stats:

  1. I play college ice hockey in the ACHA
    I played high school and competitive AA ice hockey throughout high school
  2. 3.95 GPA in high school and in college
  3. Honors student all throughout high school
  4. Member of the Environmental Science (EDGE) club in college
    Member of first school hockey team
  5. ACT scores: 27 English, 23 Reading, 24 Science, 20 Math
  6. English “student of the year” award</p>


<p>Yes, you can still apply during college.
I would get in touch with your local ALO for more specifics about applying with college experience. Realize that you will still be starting as a freshman (4 degree), but you may be able to validate some classes through testing or transcripts. My only concern on your stats is you low ACT scores. While I don't know how they'll play into your application situation, that is a red flag to me.</p>

<p>Hello charles492,
I am a freshman at USAFA and I attended one year of college before I came to the Academy.
The Academy will look at both your college and high school grades. I had to complete the entire application process and send in all of my information from college. You can validate classes, I brought in about eight. Remember, you still start out as a freshman and have to go through all four years. Athletics gives you points in the application process (points are the most important thing when applying to the Academy). If you can get recruited than you have a very good chance of getting in. Keep your grades up and stay involved in things. How far are you in the application?</p>


<p>Just wondering, what were your stats?</p>

<p>I had 3.95 in high school and a 3.0 in college. My SAT score was around 1360 (two parts) and ACT was around a 29. I played soccer in high school and was involved in a couple of clubs (mainly community service). I was also involved in a few clubs in college (they also were mainly community service based)<br>
Basically, as long as you keep your grades up, you are involved in clubs and you try to get leadership positions you stand a very good chance of getting in. Also, make sure to have your application done as early as possible, so that your application gets looked at sooner. (If you don't have it done, get it done as soon as possible). How far are you in the process? What classes have you taken in college? I took mainly core classes to get them out of the way.</p>