University of Dayton Admission Fall 2023 (Class of 2027)

Application completed October 28th, decision on November 18th. Dayton has a great community so my son is excited about the possibility of attending!


My son applied as well.


My son applied Oct 13, accepted Nov 1. Waiting for financial aid offer, which we expect to be generous based on previous information. I think this is the most likely place he’ll end up for a few reasons. Their “no surprises” financing is a HUGE plus, since our son is paying for his own schooling. He was pleasantly surprised by the fast acceptance.


Congrats! My son was accepted 11/1 for engineering. He got $24k per year merit for 4 years. This is a solid option for him. I liked the campus and the engineering program when we visited. I’m a little concerned that it may be too social for him though. We will have to re-visit once he knows his options!


How long after he received his acceptance did you get the merit award? Also, had you sent in the FAFSA prior to his acceptance and merit award? My DC was accepted mid-November and we were told merit award notification would be coming soon.

I know someone admitted mid-November who received their award last week.

My D23 was accepted on 11/1 and received her merit award in her portal on 11/21 but did not receive an email that it was in her portal until 11/30, so check your portal regularly and you may see it there.

I don’t think the merit awards are tied to your FAFSA. Final financial aid packages from Dayton come out in early Feb I believe.

Thank you so much! Just checked and it was there. This is a great option for my DC23 and the merit really helps.

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The actual letter just came in the mail last week, but the merit scholarship info was posted under “financial aid” a few weeks after he received his admission decision.

Congratulations to your child!