University of Dayton Class of 2020 Decisions

Post your stats and admissions decisions once you find out!!
SAT/ACT: M____ CR_____ W_____
APs (Score)
Extra Curriculars;

still waiting
Dec 1 application

It looks like last years decisions were posted on Thursday the 22nd. So maybe tomorrow or Friday?

Decisions are supposed to be posted sometime this week!

It says porches is down until they release admissions decisions. Hopefully today!

Just checked porches and it said I was admitted :slight_smile:

Hi. Did you get a phone call? I submitted through premier application portal so I don’t have a porches account.

No, I didn’t receive a phone call

I also received my admission decision via email. ACCEPTED!

I got mine through porches but didn’t get an email. Accepted!

State: MS
GPA: 3.67 UW, 4.2 W
ACT: (Superscore) English:29 Math:28, Reading:27, Science:24
Will have taken 5 AP/Honors by the end of high school
Extra Curriculars: YMCA Teen Leaders president, Interact (Community service) co-president, Spanish Honor Society president, MCJROTC lance corporal, and many more throughout high school.

did you have to visit campus in order to be considered for EA?

@dsquad1428 No

Has anyone else still not heard anything?

I haven’t heard anything, but I never got confirmation that the school received everything. I checked everything, but just no confirmation from the school. I also never heard to register for Porches - only the premier application site. Who knows…I heard from other 4 colleges months ago and have sort of forgot about Dayton now. I’m sure it is great, but the 2 times I tried to visit, they were full for VISIT days and did not offer a waiting list.

Has anyone received any merit aid info yet?

I have not

State: Michigan
GPA: 4.2W 3.78 UW
ACT: 32 Comp.
AP’s: didnt send but i took 3 in the past and am taking 3 this year
EC: Track cross country 2 years, lead designer for a bunch of projects, work experience, bunch of clubs, 2 mission trips, National Honors Society, etc.
merit aid: trustee scholarship, 74,000

@letmeinpls when did you get you merit aid?

@KatieRose came written in my acceptance letter